Hair Extensions For Your Wedding

Question: I am thinking about getting hair extensions ottawa for my wedding. What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

Answer: Hair extensions are very famous for events together with weddings, prom and other unique occasions. As some distance as looking artificial–that is not how you’ll describe hair extensions nowadays. Many of the cutting-edge strategies for attaching hair extensions are very natural searching and appear to have grown out of your head.

If the bride is considering extensions for her wedding ceremony day simplest, then she could in all likelihood go together with the extra temporary methods available today. Bonding is a transient approach, however it does contain applying an adhesive primarily based product for your hair. I even have heard of some hair damage going on from the elimination of these kinds of extensions.

Another consideration is the trial run. It is usually recommended to get a trial run on your wedding ceremony hair. A bride need to not wait until the day of her wedding to have bonded hair extensions connected. What it they do not turn out right? If you did a tribulation run 1-2 months earlier than the wedding, then you would have the rate of setting them in/taking them out and putting them again in once more. (luxurious and time-ingesting) Plus, what do you do if they harm your hair–specifically right before your wedding.

More everlasting hair extensions strategies, i.E. So.Cap, Great Lengths, Hairdreams will final anywhere from 2-6 months, but are very steeply-priced. And all hair extension methods can doubtlessly harm your hair. I simply read a press launch today approximately how hair extensions are the quickest way to break your hair–consistent with Jennifer Aniston.

A super choice for the bride to attempt is clip-in hair extensions. I have an entire set of long (real human) hair clip-in extensions from I haven’t pretty mastered setting them in, however I bet an skilled stylist may want to put them in and they would look tremendous. The costs for these clip-ins variety depending on how lengthy you need to move. (from round $a hundred-600).

The bride could order the clip-in extensions and take them to her stylist (who is optimistically experienced in attaching clip-in extensions) and do a trial run a month or two before the marriage after which have them installed a few days before the marriage or maybe the day of the marriage. This manner, the bride gets to maintain the clip-in extensions and may use them for any future occasions. I accept as true with that Hair U Wear additionally has a contemporary line of clip-in extensions (check them out at I’m no longer certain approximately the prices for these.

Anyways, in a nutshell, here are the Pros and Cons for hair extensions and the three one of a kind alternatives to attaching hair extensions for the bride’s wedding day.

Get Hair Extensions for a marriage? PROS

Your hair will look fantastic on your wedding day. You might be capable of take a look at photos for future years and don’t forget how superb you regarded to your wedding day.
You can create a lovely look that draws gasps out of your guests
You will spend a number of money
You can also harm your hair (if the extensions aren’t attached and removed well) or strain out approximately your hair being broken or the extensions falling out.
1. Bonded Hair Extensions PROS
Less high priced than permanent extensions
You can usually go along with inexpensive exceptional (and charge) human or artificial hair since you’ll be sporting them for a quick time period
Bonded extensions have been known to motive hair damage at some point of elimination
Will want to do a tribulation run weeks if now not months earlier than the wedding. (May require installation/elimination )
2. Permanent Hair Extensions PROS
Trial run no longer a trouble–can get those extensions 1 month earlier than wedding ceremony and keep them in.
You can get used to having lengthy stunning hair before your wedding ceremony
Extensions do not paintings for all and sundry. Sometimes you do not know if they may give you the results you want until you get them. I get many Emails from women who say they had healthy hair and it’s miles now ruined after wearing hair extensions.
Very steeply-priced!! Prices range from $500-five,000 and higher, plus the cost of the extension hair)
Very addictive–once you see yourself with lengthy beautiful hair, you might not want to take them out.
Need to investigate techniques/ stylists—Don’t just go to any salon and get hair extensions–you’ll be sorry!
Three. Clip-In Hair Extensions PROS
Cause little or no hair harm and can be eliminated by way of yourself
Much less steeply-priced than everlasting hair extensions
You can re-use the clip-in hair extensions on every occasion you need
Peace of thoughts
You will need to search for a stylist that has revel in installing clip-in extensions
Although inexpensive than permanent extensions, they may be still high priced.

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